Track List

  1. Voices (Istimpei) (Historic Theme)
  2. Voices (Istimpei) (House Remix)

The Municipality of Sintiki in Serres Greece organized on May of 2016 for the first time a two-day historical revival at the fortresses of Roupel and Istimpei (6-10 April 1941). Fort Istimpei is a fortress on Mount Beles, Central Macedonia, at the north border of Greece built to help defend Greece during the World War 2. Rupel, along with the rest of the 20 forts at the Greek-Boulgarian borders, constitutes a timeless symbol of the soul and the patriotism of the Greeks, resisting to the extreme to defend the fatherland without considering the fact that the enemy was more powerful and they outnumbered the Greek army. The historical revivals or reconstructions have become a tradition and are repeated every year, thus they attract thousand of visitors.
Many of the above events have been filmed and on 2017 a short documentary will be on air by a cable tv network. Tasos Petsas was inspired by the historical revivals and composed the music theme called “Voices (Istimpei)” for the documentary. The track is in two versions. The historical theme version and the house remix version.

For now a videoclip from a historical revival has been published on YouTube as a promo on:
More details will be announced on
(Tasos Petsas), a creator of electronic music released on 2015 the instrumental track “Mother Of Mine (Anna)” which reached two times the #1 in the Greek Billboard and also staying into top-10 for 20 weeks. His first album called “Heart Of Mine (Anna)” was released on January of 2016 digital and physical into limited edition vinyl-cds and also reached #1 in the Greek Digital Albums. His second single, “Angel Of Mine”, his duet with the soprano Manja Vlachogianni reached #3 in the Greek Billboard (#1 Daily Digital Songs) and his third “Friend Of Mine” remixing by Lego Boy (Yianni Mihelinaki) reached the #7 in the Greek Billboard (#1 Daily Digital Songs) 1and also entered into top-200 UK Electronic Singles. All three singles were among Europe’s top 200. On August of 2016 he released the double sided single called “Anna” with two new songs featuring in vocals, the internationally award winning Greek American musician, Thespina Patronas (Thespina Music). The first track «Anna (Mother Of Mine)», reached the #2 in the Greek Billboard and also enterend into the Euro-200. The second track «Anna (Heaven)» also reached the #3 in the Greek Billboard. “Anna (Mother Of Mine)” was the official soundtrack of the group art exhibition titled “Prevention through Art” and played as the background music of the TV spot which aired by Greek National channel ERT-2 promoting the group art exhibition titled “Prevention through Art” as part of the Cancer Awareness campaign in Greece.


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