THOMAS BAINAS cover 1500-s

Release: 6/12/2012


1 Anytime
2 Electric Storm
3 Sun and Moon
4 Mars Landing
5 Endless Universe
6 Earth Calling Space
7 My Dream (2nd Version)
8 Kiss in French
9 Free Your Mind
10 Hymn to the Earth


Thomas Bainas was born in Germany and raised in the mountains of Imathia,Greece.
He has studies Philosophy and Sociology, as well as Programming & Web Design. He has been a keyboardist & DJ for the last 20 years.
Self-taught in music, he has influenced by the 80s Electronic & Italo/Euro/Synth (Jean Michel Jarre, Dieter Bohlen, Mike Oldfield, Tony Hendrik, Michael Cretu, Kraftwerk, Mauro Farina, Hubert Kah, Roberto Zannetti, Martinelli etc and has his own, unique style with nostalgic melodies and electronic rhythm.
On the album “Electric Storm”, he says : ‘Music is my life. I make songs for my pleasure alone. I let the melodies and sounds to emerge without any affectation.
Every sound in the universe is a perfect, well-tuned orchestra. We are all members of this orchestra…’


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