Release Date: 2/2015

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STRING DEMONS: Konstantinos Boudounis and Lydia Boudounis

The cellist Constantinos Boudounis and violinist Lydia Boudounis, known together as “String Demons”, began collaborating in 2010 after a long period of studies, awards in competitions, recordings and concerts in a variety of music halls and stages across Greece and abroad (USA, France, Austria, Italy).

Studying under Renato Ripo and Dimitri Semsi, respectively, they both received their diplomas with top marks as well as the “A” award, while having also attended seminars and master classes under Misha Maisky, Sergei Kravtsenko, Natalia Gutman, Raphael Oleg and Antonio Meneses.  They have both been honored with awards and medals in competitions and have performed as soloists in CD’s such as “Βαγγέλης Μπουντούνης: 100 κιθάρες στο Ηρώδειο”  (Evangelos Boudounis: 100 Guitars at the Herodeon), “Historia deun  Amor”, live at the Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall. They have also recorded many times for EBU and Greek Radio.

They have collaborated with numerous musicians. For the past two years they have been writing songs and working with the highly acclaimed performer Vasiliki Karakosta, from whom they also got their name “String Demons”.  Together they recorded a record in 2012 called “The Dangerous ones” (Sui generis music), which received excellent reviews and sent them on two big tours (2012 Τα Κυκλορυθμικά and 2013 Ta Επικίνδυνα).

The 2012 tour started in late July on the island of Nisiros and ended mid-September in Thissio of Athens. The 2013 tour started in April in Thessaloniki and ended mid-September in the “Amalio Open Theater” of Maroussi.  In 2014 they presented the concert “String Demons-Clash of Strings” while traveling to many different locations and stages across Greece. A part of this show was presented in the ‘Athens Concert Hall’, where two sold out concerts took place in.

They have covered near every musical style, as their program, besides their own works ( Casino Pontiaco, The Pirates, Immortal, Life of Bums etc.), involves their own transcriptions ranging from Bach, Vivaldi and Hatzidakis to Iron Maiden, Queen, Vamvakaris, Tsitsanis, always giving their respective time honored instruments the rock, classical, folk and even pop “form” that is worthy while also connecting Greek music tradition with western music.

In their live performances they rapidly alternate between different styles of music and playing, with a variety of tones and strong highlights using drums and other percussion instruments, creating a Dionysian atmosphere with its foundation of strings.

Both members of  the “String Demons” teach at the Razi Conservatory and since April 2014 they have been presenting the show “Μουσικές Αποστολές” (Music Missions) at “ertopen web-radio”.

Their artistic expression relative to all that they do is governed by one basic rule:  There is only one kind of music, good music!

Contact:(0030)693 2627 814,(0030)210 60 31 763

Aspasias 31, Pendeli 15236

Facebook:String Demons (Konstantinos Boudounis and Lydia Boudounis)


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