Formed in 2004 by Konstantinos Apostolopoulos (a.k.a. Constantine Lennoir) and Dimitris Voglis.
In the same year, they released their first CD titled “To Neo Kyma Remixes”, where they reconstructed infamous songs of a specific era of Greek Pop Music (60s and 70s) blending electronic and analogue sounds. This release was the first of its kind in Greece and was very successful. Remixes of songs like “Mia Fora Thymamai” – Arleta, “Mia Agapi Gia To Kalokairi” – Kaiti Homata and many more, are still popular on Greek radio and on the internet.
In 2009 and with only K. Apostolopoulos remaining of the founding members, they released their second CD, “Club Cosmopolitan”, reconstructing Greek Jazz songs of the 50s and 60s, the first NuJazz, Swing, Electroswing release in Greece. They made it to No 13 of the official Greek Chart (Top 50), where they stayed several weeks. Hit songs: “I Sklava” – Tzeni Vanou, “Misirlou” among many others. It is still very popular on Greek radio and on the internet.
In 2013, they change their name to STEREOMATIC ORCHESTRA, releasing two songs in English (“Never Say Goodbye”, “Diving Deep Flying High”).
In 2016, STEREOMATIC Creative Electronic Orchestra (C.E.O.), as they are now being called, are releasing the first single from their upcoming CD, a tribute to the Cinematic music of the great Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, titled “MIKIS21”, “MIKIS4:21 The Opening Scene”, publishing 4 of the 21 in total musical pieces of “MIKIS21”, which is to be released early 2017.


The new release of STEREOMATIC C.E.O. is a tribute to the cinematic music of the great Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis.
For the first time the most famous musical work ever released by a Greek composer, is being reconstructed with the sound and techniques of the 21st century. 21 musical pieces, a music pioneer, in a new century (21).
STEREOMATIC C.E.O. feeling honoured and with great respect for the composer who was way ahead of his time, they reconstructed those musical pieces in the way they believe it would sound today. They believe that in that way they are highlighting the timelessness of his works, re-introducing it to the new Generations, with respect in what it represents. They believe that they best honour the great composer, by not copying, but instead recreating his music, mostly inspired by the way it makes them feel.
“This was a wonderful journey and his music, always sounding new is and will always be our company to wonderful mind trips, for ever…”
* “MIKIS21” & “MIKIS4:21 The Opening Scene” are digital releases by FM Records.


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