Sofia Papageorgiou, Michalis Soumas

Mousikes Pygolampides





Sofia Papageorgiou was born in Athens, from Greek parents coming from Egypt, has studied and worked in cosmetics.
In October 2004 she performed her first sketch show, and after this she has become a writer, writing fairytale stories.
Here today, with “Mousikes Pigolampides / Musical Fireflies”, she brings to light seven different stories, in the form of a song, for the younger and the older friends – along with the fairytale “Ta anemopsithirismata / The windwhisperings”, a story written by Sofia Papageorgiou and Music by Michalis Soumas.

Michalis Soumas is the main singer and composer of the rock group “Onyx” from 1989 until today, having published 2 LP CD : “Mia himoniatiki istoria” (“A winter’s tale”) in 2000 with Alpha Records, and “To the end” in 2008 with Atlantis Records. He also composes music and makes productions for new artists and he has also composed music for poets and other works of greek writers and poets:
“The Symphony of 5” (2016) – Poets of Marios Karakatsanis (Ostria Publications)
“Mia rokia gia ta pedia” (2018) – Children’s poems and fairytales from Kyparissia Mpoutsi (Ianthos Publications)
“Zoi horis” (2018) – Poems of Zaneta Koutsaki (Entoipois Publications)
“Beyond Illustrida” (2019) – Music for the poems of the writer Sofia Papageorgiou (FM Records)
Mousikes Pigolampides (Musical Fireflies) – Music for the poems of the writer Sofia Papageorgiou (FM Records)


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