Petros Tabouris  Melos Archaion Music of the Gods

Release Date: 06/1992

Album ID: 1700607


1 Second Delphic Hymn to Apollo
2 Hymn to Zeus
3 Dance of Maktrismo
4 Hymn to the Muse Mesomedes
5 First Delphic Hymn to Apollo
6 To Aphrodite
7 Holy Father
8 Dance of Gigras
9 Hymn to Nemesis
10 Contrapollinopolis
11 Diaulos
12 Savarios Dance
13 Barbitos
14 Hymn to the Demon Orphic
15 The Triumph of Pindarus
16 Ithyphallic Melody
17 Ionic Dance
18 A Piece of Aristophane’s “Birds”
19 Antigone By Sophocles
20 1st Delphic Hymn to Apollo
21 Korivantes
22 Hymn to a Muse II
23 Telesias
24 Stasimon from Orestis By Euripedes
25 Enthroned
26 The Elysium in Hades, By Pindarus
27 Hymn to the Sun, By Mesomedes of Crete
28 From Ajax: Tecmessa’s Lament



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