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OMEGA VIBES released their first Single “ The Heart & The Soul ’’ in the summer of 1995 , followed by the album “ Renaissance’’ and 2 Singles from that same album , ‘’Renaissance Remixes & DNA’’. In this album their music is mainly World Music with Progressive and Dance elements , while their “ Ethnic Color ’’ makes its presence more than obvious , creating finally a deeply personal style.
The Production is based in contemporary technology and with the addition of Natural music instruments it is created a unique and special sound that stands out.
Internationally has been released in Germany , Austria , Switzerland , Holland , Hong Kong , Belgium , Norway , Turkey , Spain , France , Polland , Finland , New Zealand , Israel , Hungary , Chile , Mexico & India.

OMEGA VIBES were honored in Turkey in 1997 with
The IPEKTSI Prize for their Artistic contribution in the improvement and establishment of the Greek-Turkish relationship and friendship.

In 1999 and after a year of continuous touring all over Greece & the Balkans OMEGA VIBES released their second Album , called ‘’DIASPORA’’, an Album with ‘’Music Without Frontiers’’
A contemporary ‘’World Music Production’’ , featuring a generous mix of Greek traditional sounds – instruments & modern technology , combined with melody & Greek Lyrics , along to instrumental compositions.
In this album OMEGA VIBES have been collaborated with famous local musicians & with the well known bass player Eberhard Weber (One of the Leaders of Bass worldwide).

These 2 Albums have sold more than 100.000 copies and especially in Turkey the second Album was Platinum with 30.000 units sold.

The third Album of OMEGA VIBES with the title “ ATMOSFERA ” was released in Greece – June of 2003 , in Turkey – December of 2003 and in Israel – February of 2004.
In this album they have been collaborating with very special guests as: EMMA SHAPPLIN , LAVRENTIS MAHERITSAS , GOKSEL (a very talented & well known Turkish artist).
Erotic ballads with stylish acoustic and electronic sound , music which evolves from “ Rock ” to “ East ”, contemporary Lounge- Ethnic sound , all these become an amalgama of ideas with special …….ATMOSFERA.

The forth Album with the title “OTI FOVITHIS” was released in Greece in 2009 with 11 new Songs, and has a multicultural sound form with Electro World signatures.

For the last 8 years OMEGA VIBES live and Produce Music in Los Angeles, meantime finishing their new fifth Album with the title “TILL THE END” with guests 2 talented new singers Pimis Petrou, and Giorgos Kydonakis.

This Album will be digitally released by FM Records during April of 2019.
Electro, World Sound with Ragga Elements and Music for the Heart and the Soul , OMEGA VIBES join “East and West” with their unique Sound and Culture and make

Magazine “ MUSIC & MEDIA ’’ has twice referred to OMEGA VIBES proclaiming both the single “ The Heart & The Soul’’ & the album ‘’Renaissance’’, Single and Album of the Month respectively.
<< Byzantine and Traditional Greek music met Ambient – Ancient Greece has been shaked by Electronic beats & the Aegian waves wrapped up the computers, then it became Harmony & the first Vibes came through. >>

OMEGA VIBES have collaborated with RICARDO DA FORCE (KLF , IN TRANCE) performing 2 concerts at ‘MYLOS’ -Crete.
They appeared with BJORK in Athens at ‘Lykabettus Ancient Theatre’ (5.000 capacity), and also with DAVID BOWIE , LOU REED , ELVIS COSTELLO in the framework of the European Rock Festival in August of 1996 in ‘Panathinaikos stadium’ (20.000 capacity ) .
They performed at ROXY CLUB of Istanbul and at the ETHNIC FESTIVAL of Ismir with the French star “ WES ” during July of 1997.
More concerts at HAVANA CLUB in Istanbul, and HAMAM and AIR in Ismir .
January of 2004 they performed together with Goksel at Babylon Club in Istanbul.
In Greece they have performed a lot of concerts in Clubs and Music Theatres all over the country.

Dimitris Panopoulos (composer , arranger, producer ,programmer) The artist behind Omega Vibes – has followed extensive studies at the “ University of Sound Arts’’ in Los Angeles , “ Contemporary Synthesizers’’ in Berlin , and “ Big percussion School ’’ in London.
He has lived for 2 years in the U.K. & 8 years in Los Angeles
where he participated in at least 20 albums projects with such artists as: Al B. Sure , King MC , Marvin Gay Jr. also in the making of the successful compilation ‘’West Coast Rap’’.
He has formed Omega Vibes (with 5 album releases & 4 CD singles ) and also has participated in 35 Albums with major local artists.

Eva Tselidou (Lead Vocalist) is the main singer of Omega Vibes ( ‘’A modern Siren’’- Music And Media – March 1997). She was born in Czechoslovakia from Greek parents.
Since the age of 7 she had extensive studies in Piano for 10 years & Vocals for 4 years.
Arriving at Greece she is collaborating with major local artists (V. Papacostantinou , G. Dalaras , D.Roussos etc) performing a lot of concerts , and working in a lot of album releases as a vocalist.
Since 1995 she has joined with Dimitris and they have formed OMEGA VIBES.


1. The Heart and the Soul
cd, vinyl, maxi single SONY
2. Renaissance
cd, album SONY
3. Renaissance Remixes
cd, vinyl, maxi single SONY
4. Christmas Songs
cd, maxi single SONY
5. Diaspora
cd, album SONY
6. Day by day
cd, maxi single SONY
7. Atmosfera
cd, album SONY
8. Ο,τι φοβηθείς
cd, album ΛΥΡΑ
9. Till the end
Digital Release FM Records


1. Horizons (BMG, SONY, WARNER)
2. Music that makes your day, music that makes your night (DANCE POOL)
3. La bomba del venano (SME SPAIN)
4. Another Galaxy (SME HOLLAND)
6. Global Dream World (SONY –S3)
7. Dance Compilation Project (SME TURKEY)
8. Absolute Dance 2 (BMG, SONY, WARNER)
9. Dream Nation (SONY GERMANY)
11.Underground Boat (SONY POLAND


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