Nikos Koulouris

One Moment in Time



“This album is a favourite of mine, … I  picked songs that i have loved over the years and I am sure most of you will like,.. I ve had a smashing time whenever I was called to perform them publicly on any Occasion,.. Those are songs that i like “singing” with my Saxophone. Now because I believe that it is crucial for an instrumentalist to be able to  “sing” with his instrument if he wants to reach the hearts of people, I hope that these songs will have to you the same Impact they had on me each time I was performing or playing with them in my effort to see them in a fresh eye,.. at times this eye is more contemporary and at other times it seems to be more conservative and close to the original recording of the song,… anyway this is how I see and hear those songs,.. I hope you love them as much as I do!

The sure thing nevertheless is that you won’t get bored,.. I am not afraid of breaking the stereotypes as long as i am true to myself…

 I Hope You Enjoy The Album,..

 With Love & Respect,

 Nikos KoulourisOne moment in time / Nikos Koulouris


All tracks produced by Nikos Koulouris (except for track number 4)

Track number 4, “Funky Sax Machine”, Alto Saxophone recorded and edited by Iraklis Pozatzidis at Vintage Studios and Produced by Nikos Koulouris

Album Orchestrations by Nikos Koulouris

All Saxophones (Alto, Tenor and Baryton Sax) by Nikos Koulouris

Trumpet and Mute Trumpet at track 1, “Miles Ahead (Blue Delight Vetsion)” by Leonidas Ioannides

Trombone at Track 1 “Miles Ahead (Blue Delight Version)” by Kyriakos Kaiktsis

Vocals at track 6, “Every Breath you take” by Deppy Marina Cheila, Tika Miqava and Irene Delaporta

Album Mastering by Dim Chord (Dimitris Fitilis)

Album Cover Photo by Peter Papapetros

Album Cover Artwork by Nikos Mylonas

1 . Miles Ahead (Blue Delight Version) feat: Leonidas Ioannides

By Nikos Koulouris

Alto, Tenor and Baryton saxophones: Nikos Koulouris

Trumpet, Mute Trumpet: Leonidas Ioannidis

Trombone: Kyriakos Kaiktsis

2 . Roxanne

By Sting

Soprano Sax: Nikos Koulouris

3 . One Moment In Time

By Nikos Koulouris

Alto Sax: Nikos Koulouris

4 . Funky Sax Machine

By Nikos Koulouris

Alto Sax: Nikos Koulouris

5 . Stars

By Mick Hucknall

Alto Sax: Nikos Koulouris

6 . Every Breath You Take

By Sting

Alto Sax: Nikos Koulouris

Vocals: Deppy Marina Cheila, Tika Miqava, Irene Delaporta

7 . Did You Call Me?

By John Barry

Alto Sax: Nikos Koulouris

8 . Samurai

By Michael Cretu, Richard Palmer -James

Alto Sax: Nikos Koulouris

9 . That’s The Way Love Goes

By Janet Jackson, James Harris III, Terry Lewis

Alto Sax: Nikos Koulouris

10 . The Lady In My Life

By Rod Temperton

Alto Sax: Nikos Koulouris

11 . Miles Ahead (Rough & Sexy Version) by Nikos Koulouris

Alto Sax: Nikos Koulouris


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