Nikos Koulouris is a Professional Saxophone Player and Performer, currently living in Greece but traveling Often for Live performances and Recording. He is also a Composer of Instrumental Music, with influences from the Jazz and Smooth Jazz Idioms, as well as Pop, Rock, Funky, Soul, Ambient, Chill-out, World, Ethnic and Fusion Genres. In 2012 (2011, December) Nikos released “…dare to Dream”. In this project, with the precious help from his fellow musicians and friends, Nikos strives to explore the above genres and create his own sound, something new and fresh, yet energetic and powerful with a sentimental touch and above all…. soul-searching. The video of “Golden Sand ” is very popular in “YouTube” and the course of the song in the American Smooth jazz playlists is also spectacular. In 2013, “shine on me” featuring Maria Morris in vocals, was released from FM Records, as a CD single & digital download. “Shine on me” is included in many dance compilations, such as “Mykonos Beat”, “To The Rythm (Miami Beach House Party)”, “Party in Rhodes”, “Dance Pop Vocals”, “Passion House”. In october 2013, Nikos founds “The Groove Attack Big Band”. He serves as Artistic and Music Manager and Conductor of the band and also as the first alto saxophone player, and takes on the full rehearsals for the preparation and establishment of the Big Band. The group comprises of 18 excellent musicians and has a steady co-operation with two multi-talented young singers, Nikos Roussakis and Katerina Skreki. Nikos starts rehearsing with the band in october, and by May 2014 the band is ready to perform for the public. From May 2014 until now, the band performs in monthly basis, in the best Theatres in Athens, including “Gialino Music Theater”, “Holy-wood Stage”, “National Observarvatory of Athens”, “Anna and Maria Kalouta Theater” of the Municipality of Athens, and many others. In May 2015, The Groove Attack Big Band releases its major hit single “Polles Fores”, which was a remake of Manolis Xiotis original hit composition, orchestrated and arranged for the Groove Attack Big Band by Dimitris Karavitis, the publisher of the song being FmRecords and the singer Katerina Skreki. In 2016, “Time After Time” is released from the same publisher. The song, which is originally written by Cindy Lauper & Rob Hyman, has also been performed by Miles Davies. In its new interpretation by Nikos, it moves towards the Jazz – Smooth Jazz direction, whereas the Remix of the song is in the Smooth Jazz – RnB aesthetic.


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