Release Date: 2015



  1. Alkotest
  2. Kiprea
  3. Oniro Taxidiariko
  4. Mitropanos
  5. Xipna Ellada
  6. Lathrometanastes
  7. Omirou Iliados
  8. Oi Filoi
  9. Thaymata Kanei Mono O Theos
  10. Pigena Mpros Piso


Nikolas comes from Pyrgos of Elis (Greece) and music entered his life at the age of seventeen. His father was one of the best church singers in Peloponnesus and many of his close relatives where musicians with great singing abilities. In the age of eighteen he initiated the first Rock band in his region under the name Explosion and proceeded to win first prize at the Floka of Ancient Olympia festival with a music composition of his own named Love Journey and sang live by Nikolas him self. The band continued touring for four years mainly performing music of their own. In the age of twenty four he formed the Rembetiki Parea group in which he enlisted the now famous composer Dimitris Livanos as the bouzouki player. They collaborated together for the subsequent five years with great success. Nikolas got married in the age of twenty four and had his daughter Konstantina who inherited his music talent and studied piano at the music school of Agia Paraskevi of the Ahtens.

In 1991 he went to Athens where the first three years he collaborated with great singers in the Laïkó music style/genre. Some of them were: Kostas Monaxos, for whom Nikolas wrote three songs of his studio album (ΤΗ ΝΥΧΤΑ ΟΛΛΑ ΕΠΙΤΡΕΠΟΝΤΑΙ/Everything is allowed in the night hours), Maria Rousou, Kwsth Xristou, Lizeta Nikolaou, Gianni Kolia, Hlia Ksigkaki, Xristina Deli, Mattheo Giannouli and Teri Xriso.

In the subsequent years he started singing in the biggest clubs of the capital, namely SODOMA, MARAKES, ALLA KOLPA(collaboration with Takis Mbinis), and THEMA at the Pedion of Areos where through the connections of the musician/composer Dimitris Kouletsis he met with the great famous composer Akis Panou and collaborated with him during his unfortunately last performances with Giorgos Sari, Manos Papadaki, Georgia Logkou, Nantia Karagianni, Georgia Louka and the great bouzouki performer Giannis Stamatiou(a.k.a Sporos). In the following years he performed in several music venues all across Greece working next to many famous artists such as Dionysis Tsaknis, Lavrentis Maxeritsas, Agamoi Thite, Pitsa Papadopoulou. A big collaboration was initiated with the composer Giorgos Likouras for the development of an album comprised of music and lyrics by Giorgos but the project was unfortunately not materialized due to personal difficulties of the composer. Nikolas also worked with the great music maestro Nakis Petridi.

In 2001 he left to America where he performed in many big states like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Florida and Ohio. There he also worked with many music artists such as Poli Panou, Giorgos Sari, Doukisa, Giorgo Mboulougoura, Lena Papadopoulou, Sophia Vosou, Xristo Augerino, Daphni (*OLEI OLEI), the composer Xristos Gkartso (ΘΥΜΗΖΕΙΣ ΑΘΗΝΑ ΜΙΑ ΠΟΛΗ ΠΟΥ ΚΛΑΙΕΙ/You remind Athens a town that cries). After ten years he went back to Greece where he introduced with the proposal to appear in the music stages of Cyprus where he is now permanently situated the last years.

Nikolas studied music in the music school of his home town, plays guitar and baglamas. The first song that he sang live at the age of fifteen was (ΚΛΑΙEI Η ΜΑΝΑ ΜΟΥ ΣΤΟ ΜΝΗΜΑ/My mother is crying at the tombstone) by Mikis Theodorakis and previously sang by the unforgettable Grigoris Mbithikotsis at a festival of *KNE that took place in Pyrgos of Elis. Nikolas was always writing songs out of passion for composing but had mostly kept them for himself. It never crossed his mind to try and publish his songs until a friend and now his producer Athos Ioannidis convinced him to. That is when a collaboration with the FM Records music company begun and a contract was signed leading to a new journey in the music scene of our country, with great hopes of leaving his signature in the music history of Greece.

The songs

Journeyfull Dream, Kyprea, Alcotest, Mitropanos, Omirou Iliados, where recored at the studio of Stelios Iliadis who also made the music arrangement and played the bouzouki parts.

The songs Wake up Greece, Lahtrometanastes(Illegal immigrants), Where are my friends, A simple man, I was going front and backwards, where recorded in Nikolas private studio where he also made the music arrangement and also recorded the turkish baglama parts.

Violin was performed by Giorgos Georgiou and female vocal were sang by Varvara Konstantinou (songs: Alcotest, Journeyfull Dream)

The first studio album by Nikolas goes under the name ALCOTEST and comprises of lyrics by him and his producer Athos Ioannidis and music by Nicolas.




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