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“Romancero Gitano”

Live in Lycabettus Hill Theatre, Athens 1977

By Mikis Theodorakis

FM Records presents the live album “Romancero Gitano”.

A very rare recording coming from Mikis Theodorakis’ month-long series of

concerts at Lycabettus Hill Theatre in August of 1977.

The composer conducts his ensemble and vocals are shared by the well-known

Greek singers, Sofia Mihailidou and Margarita Zorbala in this performance of

Mikis Theodorakis’ song cycle “Romancero Gitano” based on the poems of

Federico Garcia Lorca in the Greek rendition by the legendary Greek poet

Odysseas Elytis.

The titles of the tracks include the name of the song as it was well known in

Greece by Odysseas Elytis’ rendition, as well as the original title of the

corresponding poem by Federico Garcia Lorca.


Mikis Theodorakis is the most famous and best-selling Greek songwriter and

composer worldwide.

Theodorakis’ music (more than 1000 songs and song-cycles) became the landmark

sound of Greece, part of the immortal heritage of Greek music and a symbol of

resistance to oppression.

He has also composed symphonic works, ballets, operas, music for the stage,

international theatre and film scores.

He co-operated with leading poets like Odysseus Elytis, Pablo Neruda, Federico

Garcia Lorca and George Seferis.

During the 60’s and the 70’s he composed the scores for many successful films,

among them Serpico and the Academy award winning film Zorba the Greek.

Especially the main song, Zorbas, which is considered the most famous Greek song,

later appeared in many other international films, TV series, documentaries, TV

commercials, even during the New York Yankees games at Yankee stadium!

His symphonic works have comprised entire programs at many famous venues such

as Avery Fisher Hall in New York.

Apart from the music he is the author of many books and he is considered a living

legend for his democratic political activism, having won many peace prizes.

In 2015, the celebrations for his 90th birthday were a huge cultural event in Greece

and the rest of the world.

Track List:

1. Tou Pikramenou (El Emplazado) 02:11

Soloist: Sofia Mihailidou

2. Antonio Torres Heredia Sto Dromo Tis Sevillas (Prendimiento de Antoñito

el Camborio en el camino a Sevilla) 03:06

Soloist: Margarita Zorbala

3. Hamos Apo Agapi (Muerto de Amor) 03:59

Soloist: Margarita Zorbala

4. I Kalogria I Tsigana (La Monja Gitana) 02:33

Soloist: Sofia Mihailidou

5. Tou Anemou Ke Tis Penemenis (Preciosa y el Aire) 03:58

Soloist: Margarita Zorbala

6. Thanatos Tou Antonio Torres Heredia (Muerte de Antoñito el Camborio)


Soloist: Sofia Mihailidou, Margarita Zorbala

7. I Kyra Pantermi (Romance de la Pena Negra) 05:34

Soloist: Sofia Mihailidou


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