manolis mastichidis-s

Release: 2012

Bariton: Già il sole dal Gange


1 Di Provenza il Mar 03:43
2 Caro mio Ben 02:26
3 Deh, Vieni alla Finestra 01:59
4 Oh! Du mein Holder Abens… 03:22
5 Avant de Quitter ces Lie… 02:52
6 Morgen 03:08
7 Aus den Ostlichen Rosen 01:40
8 Ol’man River 01:52
9 Halt 01:32
10 Confutatis Maledictis 03:41
11 Danny Boy 02:20
12 Già il sole dal Gange 02:31
13 Per La Gloria D’Adorarvi 03:10
14 Die Lotosblume 01:41
15 Edelweiss 02:50


Biography:Manolis Mastichidis was born on 10 June 1980 in Marousi(Athens,Greece).
He is Greek Bariton.
He started to manifest his artistic trends since in 1993 where he played the first theatrical performance(The colors of the Rainbow).
In 1995 he played the part of the same project(in English).
He started to study classical song in 1997.He took part in a theatrical performance ” The Sounds of Music ” on 16 December 2000
in the Municipality of Athens(Chalandri,North area).He played a show on 16 December 2001 in Orthodox church a Russian project
entitled “A Special Day of Uncle Panof “.
He gave a concert on June 2004 in the lobby of the Opera theatre in Athens that he interpreted the Opera ” The mariage of Figaro”.
On 3 June 2005 he played in the theatre Acropole the Opera ” Falstaf “.The same period he gave a concert in the Municipality of Athens
(Cholargos,North area) and sung the Opera ” The meriages of Figaro “.In 2005 he took part in the chorus of the “Magic Flute” on 9 June 2006.
On June 2009 he gave a concert of National Conservatory(Vathis Square in the center of Athens) and sung an Irish Ballad “Danny Boy”,the Aria antique “Per la Gloria D’Adoerarvi”.
On 19 March 2010 he gave a concert in the music school and sung the Opera “La Traviata”.
On 7 July 2011 he received the Certificate(Diploma) from the National Conservatory with the grade excellent(10)!


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