Compiled by Nick Alexiou



A compilation curated by Greek DJ and producer Nick Alexiou, a collection of tracks from friends, well known DJ’s and artists from all around the Mediterranean, from the Middle East to the Iberian Peninsula, including among others LŪSY, Pink Noisy, Serdar Ayyildiz, Dreamers Inc., Dj KhaiKhan & D.J. THOR.

A mix of various sub-genres of electro music with influences from ethnic music, electronica, downtempo & organic house.


1. LŪSY – Canta Lisboa
Composer: LŪSY (Alexandre Fonseca)
2. Thanos Kalentinis, Yorgos Kazantzis – Sorocos (Thanos Kalentinis Remix – Extended)
Composer: Yorgos Kazantzis
3. Dreamers Inc., Nick Alexiou feat. Vasilis Saleas – A Small Sea (Remix)
Composer: Dionysis Savvopoulos
4. Thanos Kalentinis feat. Lusty Apricot – Pictures
Composer: Thanos Kalentinis
5. Dj KhaiKhan feat. Erdi Arslan – Spanish Love (Original Mix)
Composer: KhaiKhan (Kayhan Yakarlar)
6. ThroDef – Je Crois Entendre Encore
Composer: ThroDef (Thodoris Forozis)
7. Omar Gharbi feat. Enrika Daugele – The Gipsy Queen (Professor Remix)
Composer: Omar Gharbi
8. Jojo Rose, Bassi – Knossos (Original Mix)
Composer: Jojo Rose, Bassi (George Triantafyllakis, Apostolis Bassiakouras)
9. Pink Noisy – Heaven
Composer: Pink Noisy (Georgios Kartsakis)
10. Serdar Ayyildiz – The Passion (Extended Mix)
Composer: Serdar Ayyildiz
11. D.J. THOR – Gardens of Creta
Composer: D.J. THOR (Andrea Schianini)
12. Dreamers Inc., Nick Alexiou – Minotaur (ThroDef Remix)
Composer: Marios Chaviaras, Nick Alexiou
13. Lusty Apricot – Nomad
Composer: Lusty Apricot (Charalampos Paritsis)
14. Ogün Dalka feat. Melike Konur – Harmonies of Love
Composer: Ogün Dalka


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