1. Nothevmeni Agapi
  2. Neraida Zoi
  3. Gine


Manja Vlachogianni was born in Athens and lived her childhood both in Germany and Greece. At the age of 17, she got the Piano Diploma with distinction, and also the first prize for Excellence and Exceptional Performance by the National Conservatory of Athens. She continued her studies at the Richard-Strauss-Konservatorium in Munich from where she graduated with a Piano Soloist Diploma, while she attended classes of Monody and Musical Theater Performance. She studied at the “Musikhochschule Dresden – Meisterklasse”, while she took acting courses at the Drama School of H. D. Trayer in Munich. She sang successfully in more than 160 musical theater performances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At the age of 24 years she was given the position of deputy director at the State Music School of Munich «Sing-und-Musikschule Garching». Since 2007 she lives in Athens, is a close partner and performer at the Porto-Heli International Festival of Art and Culture and collaborates with several Greek composers and FM Records as a songwriter and a singer. Since 2012, she participates in the theatrical group of the actor and director Giannis Degaitis. Manja Vlachogianni has released 5 singles: “Otan milane oi aisthiseis”, “Stigmes” , “Time Trap”, “Se Thelo Toso”, “Notheumeni Agapi” 3 albums: “Manja – A Musical Dream”, “Mythos 90 : Mikis Theodorakis”, “Return to Space 2” The Extended Play “Tha sai dipla mou esi” And the Trip Hop Opera “Angel Of Mine”. In Mai 2015 Manja Vlachogianni published her first book (+CD) “Asteri tis Erimou – Nalimar” which became a new Musical with music by the Greek composer Balsam7teen.


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