Ilias Andriopoulos was born in 1950 in Ilia, Greece. After finishing highschool he moved to Athens were he studied music and especially musical composition. During the period 1970 – 1972 he is composing his first songs and with the support and encouragement of important Greek artists and composers, such as Manos Hadjidakis, he decides and starts to compose music regularly. In 1975 he has his first major concert in the famous – and sold-out – Akropol Theatre in Athens, accompanied by the great Nikos Xylouris. His first release comes in 1976 with Nikos Xylouris and “Kyklos Seferi”, with music composed for the poetry of Giorgos Seferis. Two years later he releases “Eikones”, in 1979 “Grammata ston Makrygianni” and “Panathinaikos Synavlia Proti”, in 1980 “Laika Proastia” and “Ta Laika Mou”, in 1982 “Periplanisi”, in 1983 “Epiloges”, in 1984 “Prosanatolismoi” with music composed for the poetry of Odysseas Elytis, in 1985 “Ksenes Portes”, In 1989 “Ta Logia tis Agapis”, in 1992 “Mousiko Topio”, in 1997 “Laiki Anthologia”, in 1998 “Argonaftes” etc. His releases “Grammata ston Makrygianni” and “Laika Proastia” are two of the most important and popular releases of Greek music of the past 40 years, selling close to 1 million copies in Greece only and establishing Ilias Andriopoulos as one of the most important Greek composers. Ilias Andriopoulos has collaborated with many well-known Greek singers such as Nikos Xylouris, Alkistis Protopsalti, Sotiria Bellou, Nena Venetsanou, Nikos Dimitratos, Antonis Kalogiannis etc., as well as with many important Greek musicians such as Gerasimos Miliaresis (Guitar), Aristeidis Moschos (Santouri) etc. Ilias Andriopoulos has performed in many important places and venues of Greece, such as The Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Ancient Olympia, Ancient conservatory of Patras etc. Apart from Greece, Ilias Andriopoulos has performed all over the world, including concerts in Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, Victoria Hall in Geneva, Auditorium Saint Germain & Casino de Paris in Paris, Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Βerwaldhallen in Stockholm, WDR in Koln etc. Important Greek and foreign orchestra have presented his compositions, such as the National Symphony Orchstra of ERT, the Contemporary Music Orchestra of ERT, State Orchestra of Greek Music (KOEM), the Orchestra of Colours, the Suisse Romande of Geneva, the English Players of London etc. He has also given lectures in the British universities of Oxford and East Anglia (Norwich). He has been the art director of the Contemporary Music Orchestra of the Greek Radio & Television (ERT) and of the International Festival of Patras. Ilias Andriopoulos has also published two books: “Afigisi Ton Ihon” & “Anti-ihisei


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