Giorgos Laskaris, Michalis GS

Pou Tha Se Vro (Michalis GS Remix)





Michalis Giounanlis (Michalis GS) is music producer and dj. Born in Athens, he studied piano and advanced theory. In 2010, he began writing his first songs and in 2013 Giorgos Laskaris’ album “Paraloga hatiria” was released by FM Records with lyrics by Spyros Kaniouras. Composition, orchestration and executive production belongs to him. Since last year, he started producing electronic music and making remixes of Greek and international songs. Meanwhile, he is coming up with his own stuff.

“Pou tha se vro” is an acoustic song, known from the first album of Giorgos Laskaris “Paraloga Hatiria”. It has nostalgic style and a melody that sticks in your mind. Michalis GS decided to give it a new sound, reintroducing to the audience. It’s a rhythmic version with smooth beat and bright synths.


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