Release Date: 2014



  1. A stroll at the lake
  2. Nostalgia
  3. Blue night
  4. Dream paths (oneirodromoi)
  5. Pre baroque
  6. Fantasia
  7. Forest games
  8. A day’s portrait
  9. Blue night (solo)
  10. The secrets of the castle
  11. Journey in the night



George Papadopoulos was born in Patras and comes from a family of musicians. He is a certified guitarist and gets involved with music teaching and music composition as well.

George Papadopoulos has been distinguished and awarded at many music composition competitions at national and international level, in the categories “solo guitar” and “music for cinema’’, at festivals and song competitions and has been awarded as a guitar player!

 In 2012, Cambia published some of his music compositions entitled “Oneirodromoi” (Dream Paths – Music book/cd).

Simultaneously, in 2012 George Papadopoulos started a concert trip all around Greece, in order to communicate his work, a fact that earned great critics. As chosen by Thessaloniki’ s Music Hall as one of the best compositions launched in 2012 by Cambia publishing, in 2013 a concert has been held at Thessaloniki’s Music Hall with great success!

In 2014, the discography company FM RECORDS launched 2 of his cds: This named:

“Dream Paths” (Oneirodromoi), including 11 compositions, one Instrtumental disc with 4 compositions of Chamber Music for guitar, flute and piano and 7 compositions for guitar solos as well. His compositions have been awarded at International Competitions of Composition for the categories “solo guitar” and “music for cinema”. The other cd named “Between Light and Rain” is a disc including 8 songs, of which the music is composed by him and the lyrics are written by the author and poet Thanasis Saltas.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/oneirodromoi.giorgospapadopoulos?ref=hl

Εmail: oneirodromoi@hotmail.gr



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