Release Date: 2/2015


My name is Eugenia Kotzamani and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in Kavala, Greece. I studied in the Historic part of Ethnology in Komotini. From a very young age I participate in children’s choir. In my student life I made some appearances in local bands and so I started voice lessons and speech training, which I continue until today. Nowadays I am a member in a local band which organizes live performances in Kavala and in other cities. My life changed when I met Filippos Moulas and Grigoris Kokkinopoulos. Three complete different characters with one common target.

My name is Grigoris Kokkinopoulos and I was born in Tubingen German. I rose in Kavala Greece. When I started to understand my feelings I wrote them down on a piece of a paper, and when I experienced them, became lyrics. I live and work in Athens.

Filippos Moulas was born in Kavala in 14 of November in 1981. From the age of 21 he started his first compositions. Later he started to write lyrics. As time passed he decided to public his first completed music album with Eugenia’s voice and with some of Grigoris lyrics and mine.

We worked very hard, with many rehearsals and conversations and we managed to complete our first full album that we love and hope world will love it.


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