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Elena Malamou is a singer/songwriter born in Greece.
She composes folk/rock/country songs, giving emphasis to narrative lyrics and finger picking guitar playing.

Her first LP, entitled ”Stories Of Oblivion”, was released in 2007, and includes original songs that were produced by Grammy award winner Ian Prince.
Notable performances include Half Note Jazz Club -with Opera Chaotique- (GR – 2012), Idryma Theocharaki -with Hauschka- (GR – 2009), The Windmill (UK- 2008), and more.

After years of living in London and performing numerous concerts in various countries (including Greece, UK, and Czech Republic), she took a break from her solo project to focus on performing rhythm guitar with the gypsy jazz band The Ghost Notes, from 2012 util 2015. She has released 2 Albums with The Ghost Notes, ”Jazzy-Key” (2013) & ”Secrets Of A Memory” (2015), and has organised and performed in 3 European tours with the band, that include appearances in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Significant performances include The Royal Albert Hall (London, UK – 2015), Brussels Jazz Marathon Festival (Brussels, Belgium – 2014), Gazarte (with gypsy jazz guitarist Stochelo Rosenberg, Athens, GR – 2015), Djangofest Festival (Athens GR – 2013, 2014), and many more.

In late 2015 she performed in Athens (GR) supporting Daniel Cavanagh (Anathema), a guitarist she has been collaborating with (performing with and supporting on his Greek tours) since 2003.

She was the rhythm guitarist of the gypsy jazz band Manouchedrome (2016 – 2019), and performed frequently with them in Greece and abroad (organised and performed with the band on their 1st European Tour that took place in May 2018, with performances in Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, and the UK). Notable performances in Greece include concerts at Athens Technopolis (Djangofest Festival, 2016, 2017, 2018), The Athens Concert Hall (2017), Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and Ianos (performance with Mimis Plessas). Together they released the gypsy jazz Album ”Short Stories” and ”La Valse Des Niglos/ PadamPadam” single (both Released by FM Records, 2018)

Her 2nd solo Album (folk/country/rock), entitled “Fragments of Emotions” is released in September 2019 by Fm Records, and includes 12 original songs, produced by Ian Prince.
Her 1st solo European Tour is taking place in September/October 2019, and includes performances in Greece, Italy, Austra, Hungary, Netherlands, UK, and France.

Website: www.elenamalamou.com


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