Release: 2012

Daze Of Youth


1. Speed freak
2. Never gonna change me
3. Just a child
4. Little boy
5. Seattle son
6. Set me free
7. Miss you
8. Pointless
9. Fallin’ down
10. Hate goodbyes
No/ Track Time /Music/ Lyrics

1 Speed freak/ 2.08/ Vagelis K./ Vagelis K.
2 Never gonna change me/ 4.02/ Kostas K./ Vagelis K.
3 Just a child/ 4.01/ John Eko/ John Eko
4 Little boy/ 2.42/ Kostas K./ John Eko
5 Seattle son/ 4.16/ John Eko/ Vagelis K.
6 Set me free/ 3.04/ Angel & Kostas K./ Vagelis K.
7 Miss you/ 3.26/ Vagelis K./ Vagelis K.
8 Pointless/ 3.19/ Vagelis K. & John Eko/ Vagelis K. & John Eko
9 Fallin’ down/ 4.55/ John Eko/ Vagelis K.
10 Hate goodbyes/ 3.43/ Kostas K. & Vagelis K./ Vagelis K.


General Details
Members John Eko : Vocals, Guitars
Kostas K. : Guitars
Vagelis K. : Drums
Chris Sab : Bass

Lyrics English – American English
Composers & Writers John Eko / Vagelis K. / Kostas K.
Style – Influences Alternative, Grunge, Stoner, Hard Rock
Band’s Hometown Athens, Greece
Label FM Records S A
Band Details and History

According to their recent line-up “DAZE OF YOUTH” are a considerably new band as it has been formed in the last two years. With the exception of Chris Sab, who has been recently recruited for the needs of bass guitarist, this October 2012

It should be mentioned though, that they come as an evolution of the former band “DUENDE” that was formed in 2003 in the Athens ROCK stages and discography.
As “DUENDE” the band released one album in 2005 called “ON THE LIST” by “EIKONACHOS RECORDS” label and was circulated by UNIVERSAL GREECE in the native market.
In 2012 they win the first place in the ‘’BAND ON THE STAGE’’ competition among 80 bands.
Recently, they have joined the “FM Records SA” family and wait for their debut self-titled album to be released under the label of FM Records.
The production of this album has been done by Nikos Kapetanoglou.


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