Release Date: 2014



  1. Return to space P.1 (Voyager)
  2. Return to space P.2 (Waiting)
  3. Return to space P.3 (Run)
  4. Return to space P.4 (Into the Hole)
  5. Return to space P.5 (The Last Journey on Earth)
  6. Return to space P.6 (Earth Stop’s Moving)
  7. Return to space P.7 (Space Fighter)
  8. Return to space P.8 (Space Travel)
  9. Return to space P.9 (Freedom of Thought)


In 1996 Giorgio Lazarou – composer, producer and sound engineer – began his journey in electronic music. Affected and inspired by artists before him, he started binding together different sounds and musicians creating a special distinctive sound (AURAL FRAGMENT). After a lot of experimentation, the magic of synthetic sounds and music began to take shape in the first part of the trilogy LANDSCAPES which consists of 8 tracks. Afterwards, the second part with 9 tracks and the third part with 8 tracks were followed. The trilogy was completed in 2013. In 2014, Giorgio Lazarou produces the first part of one more trilogy entitled Return to space, which consists of 9 instrumental tracks. After this album was completed, AURAL FRAGMENT cooperates with FM RECORDS and the edition of his albums in digital form is succeeded. The journey continues…

AURAL FRAGMS Synthesized beat vibrations makes your mind dream and travel. Great music for Si-Fi movies and games


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