In 1996 Giorgio A.Lazarou – composer, producer and sound engineer – began his journey in electronic music. Affected and inspired by artists before him, he started binding together different sounds and musicians creating a special distinctive sound (AURAL FRAGMENT)
After a lot of experimentation, the magic of synthetic sounds and music began to take shape in the first part of the trilogy LANDSCAPES which consists of 8 tracks. Afterwards, the second part with (9) tracks and the third part with (8) tracks were followed. The trilogy was completed in 2013.
In 2014, Giorgio A.Lazarou produces the first part of one more trilogy entitled Return to space, which consists of (9) instrumental tracks. After this album was completed, AURAL FRAGMENT cooperates with FM RECORDS and the edition of his albums in digital form is succeeded.
After seven years, AURAL FRAGMENT chose “Summer song” from the first part of their trilogy Landscapes.
“Summer song 2015” consists of three (3) different versions of the track.
1) Summer song 2015 (extended version)
2) Summer song 2015 (radio version)
3) Summer song 2015 ( instrumental)
This new “Digital album” by AURAL FRAGMENT, which is released by FM RECORDS S.A.seals the collaboration of the composer and producer Giorgio A.Lazarou with the musicians:
Nagia Douka: “Vocals – Lyrics” and Nick Probona: “El.Guitars.
In 2015, AURAL FRAGMENT completes the new album, «REWIND» The best of landscapes trilogy, which reminds us the best parts of the first trilogy “Landscapes I, II, III” through the sounds of “electronic music”. It consists of (9) remixes.
The musicians who co-operated for the completion of this new album are:
Giorgio A.Lazarou – Keyboards, synthesizers, theremin, vocoders, vocals, programmings, editings.
Nagia Douka – Vocals.
Ntinos Kosmopoulos – Electric guitars.
Nick Provonas – Electric guitars.

Sound engineering: Giorgio A. Lazarou
Recording – Mixing – Mastering at ALPHA STUDIOS APPLICATIONS in Athens, Greece.
Composed & Produced by Giorgio A. Lazarou.
The album is released by FM Records S.A. in digital form.

In autumn 2015 the composer and producer of electronic music AURAL FRAGMENT He started collecting phonographic material for his new album “RETUTN TO SPACE 2” which is the second part of the musical epic trilogy “RETURN TO SPACE”
Two years after the official release of the first album – part of the trilogy “RETURN TO SPACE Part I ” the record company FM RECORDS the musician-composer and producer of electronic music George A . Lazarou (AURAL FRAGMENT ) one of the best collaborations with Crossover soprano, pianist and writer Mania Vlachogianni record on October 17, 2016 classical vocals for the second part of the trilogy in ALPHA STUDIOS APPLICATIONS in Greece.
Theofanis Matsopoulos specialized in the creation and production of dome films,which is already running at more than 700 planetariums in the world,digital image processing and astrophotography, undertook the visual investment HD Video two orchestral pieces (No. 2 and 8)
The album “RETURN TO SPACE 2” includes ten (10) orchestral pieces:
1. Ignition.
2.The edge of universe.
3. Space war.
4. Message from Sirius.
5. Dark matter.
6.Alignment of the spheres.
7.Alpha centauri.
8. Stellar dimension.
9.Away from the earth.

The wonderful journey in electronic music continues.


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