Aural Fragment

Oceanic III





Aural Fragment presents his new album, Oceanic III, outlining the real dimensions of the ocean through 8 creations of electronic aesthetic. It is released by FM Records and is available in all online stores.
Following the Oceanic series, he returns with a topical look at the relationship between man and the high seas, a relationship that often results in an unequal interaction.
The ocean is full of contrasts, from the sunny shore to the unfathomable abyss. Depicting each aspect with its own distinctive sound color, Aural Fragment touches on the rich ocean life, but also on its unbowed nature.

The songs included are:
1. Fukushima
2. Nuclear Ocean
3. Tsunami
4. Samba
5. Caribbean Song
6. Albatross
7. Abyss
8. Black Rum

The musicians who participated are:

AURAL FRAGMENT (Giorgio A.Lazarou)

Vocals: Manja Vlachogianni, Sofia Zara, Christine Kitsaki, Dimitra Kamitsi,J ulie Filippidou.

Saxophone: Nick Koulouris.

Artworks: Rafael Leon.

Music programming, mixing, sound recording and editing took place at “LeadVoice Studios”
Composed and produced by Giorgio A. Lazarou (AURAL FRAGMENT)


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