Alexandros Hahalis

Theatrical Composer Performer Poet

 was born  4/4/60 in Patras, Hellas (Greece) and appears on stage since 4 years old reciting or as a musician / dancer / model / actor / dj …

moved to New York in 1980, studied classical  composition at Aaron Copland School of Music


composed & performed

   “Geranos”, in NYC & major European festivals such as Art Carnuntum of Austria, Libertas of Dubrovnic, Croatia… in NYC “Dream of the Phoenix” for La Mama theater of New York; both plays are ritualistic interpretations of their  Hellenic mythical ancestors

…the “Mysteries of Eleusis” for Next Wave Festival of Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)

 … for the Drama Department’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”,

a permanent resident of New York’s Public Library at Lincoln Center

… the NYC Fringe festival, the Rochester University International Theater Program

Synastria… at Zappeion of Athens with Jean Pascal Levy Trumet (director) for the development of the Rio bridge, work inspired by Pythagoras of Samos and his theory “Music of the Spheres”

… “Pyr Aeizoon”… in Montopolis, Italy, with soprano Dimitra Theodossiou, a work dedicated to Heracleitos of Ephesos and his “Ever living Fire” theory… during “Athens 2004 Olympic Flame World Tour” at the ancient Stadium of Delphi… in Eugenideion Planetarium of Athens

for the Spring Equinox Celebration, 22/3/10, with soprano Maria Kanellopoulou

… “Unending Voyage”, a 3-D film presented at the Eugenidion planetarium, Athens…

the “Night of the Museums” commissioned by the city of Spoleto, Italy


… for painters and sculptors such as  I.Spyropoulos, I.Parmakelis (Hellas), Stamos (USA), Muramasa Kudo, Masaaki Noda (USA/Japan) W. Oliveira (Brazil)

for documentary “Magna Istria”, director Cristina Mantis

… for the William Boroughs last documentary

…for  the New Line Cinema “cult” film  “Hanging with the homeboys”

… in NYC, as the musical director for the memorial tribute in honor of jazz master Sun Ra

…at the Knitting Factory, at the New England Conservatory…

the European Music Day 2008, 09, in Spoleto, Italy, Rossobastardo/Festival dei due Mondi 09,

in Sardegna’s Mob Fest 2010

For All Mankind Marathon Call/ Marathon 2500 Light Years by the Tomb of the Marathon Fighters, commissioned by the Town of Marathon.

Sept 16th opened the Famagusta Film Festival, an attempt to shake the waters internationally about the Turkish occupation since 1974

…in the Athens Music Hall (Megaron), 20/11/10, for the poetry of Jenny Vlachoni,


6/7/11 …at the International festival “dei due Mondi” of Spoleto, concert for Ellen Stewart’s memorial tribute and 7/7/11 solo piano concert for La mama Umbria Open festival di Spoleto


at the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki, for the 6th International Marathon “Alexander the Great” 9/4/11


for 2500 years, Democracy and the Battle of Marathon for Mr. Spyros Mercouris’s exhibition at the Zappeion Megaron


produced, guided historically and composed the music of the Greek episode for the Malaysian production (AstroTV) on Alexander the Great


was honored by the Greek Scholars of Chicago

University for his sonic interpretation of Greek language

… by Urban Stages & Playwrights Preview Society along Olympia Dukakis (actress), Helene Alexopoulos (ballet dancer), Peter Tiboris (conductor) at Central Park of NYC and performed in the event “Celebrating the Heritage of Greek Theater & Art”

in Megaron of Athens during “Aristeia 2005” and performed solo piano (inside out)

… by ERT (National Greek Radio & Television), March ’08, show “Double Fantasy, Elegy to the generation that lives both sides of Music with one hour dedicated to his music & philosophy


discography… his debut solo work Antithesis (AVR), in May ’89, reached the US top 10 charts of New Age / Electronic music airplay  in 42 US states and in Europe via the syndicated show “New Sounds” of WNYC, “Music from the hearts of Space”, WQXR of NY Times.

Parallel Universe with Steve Thornton (perc)

Forbidden MemoriesSplit Infinity Mystery Woman… with Barry Finnerty (guitar), Joe Berger (guitar), Scarlet Rivera (violin), Alex Foster (sax), Victor Jones (drums), Andy McKee (bass), Steve Thornton & Valtinho Anastacio (perc)

Unity (Leo records) … Justice…with his improvisational group Earthbound

All Life Sacred, project Toxotes with Kanelli (vocals), Alex Foster, Ion Kassotis (programming)

Eternal… a meditation/relaxation collection

Panselinos… a solo piano collection

Dynameis (Sympony Records)… with Rakesh Chaurasia (flute)…

Seven Seas (Symphony Records), a work commissioned exclusively for “Posidonia 2008”, the International Shipping Exhibition

the International Shipping Exhibition.


Now FM Records starts releasing all the music of Alexandros, starting with ANTITHESIS, DYNAMEIS, SEVEN SEAS- SEPTATHALASSA, and a doulble CD DVD APOLLOTEMPLE MASTERPIECES & MASTERVISIONS


today his life-long commitment to Hellenism brought him back home to the “Eternal Mother of Civilization” as he perceives of Greece, where he can draw unlimited inspiration… he created the non profit organization APOLLONOS NAOS (Apollo’s Temple) in order to restore the highly misunderstood, historically distorted & spiritually abused Hellenic State of Mind in its authentic form… he established Heliougenna (Sunbirth) a day after winter solstice (22/12), Anthestiria (Spring Blossoming, movable), Heliomegista (Sun at largest) on Summer Solstice (21/6) as the Temple’s primary annual celebrations


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