From outer space to the depths of the oceans …

After completing the trilogy of albums “Return to Space”, with the album “Return to Space 3”, which:

• went up to # 2 of the charts in the digital albums of Greece in the General Ranking and …

• to # 1 of the charts in the digital albums of Electronic Charts in Greece, where it stayed for a week and was once again released by the record label FM RECORDS,

Music composer and producer of electronic music, George Lazarou (AURAL FRAGMENT), dives in the depths of the abyss, praising- in his own particular way- the seas and the oceans of our planet.

His new album OCEANIC, which was completed on 20 June 2017 is in fact, an Ode to the Ocean!

During the recordings at Leadvoice Studios, Giorgio Lazarou (Aural Fragment), using synthesized electronic sounds, experimented psycho-audio synthesis, with digital and analog technology. In Oceanic, he creates and presents a highly surreal environment that enables imagination to travel where the human potential subsides …

The album “Oceanic” includes seven (7) orchestral tracks and one (1) lyrical:

1.Mediterranean Sea 2. Gibraltar  3. The North Atlantic Ocean 4. The South Atlantic Ocean (Ocean) 5. The Indian Ocean 6. The North Pacific Ocean 7. The Devil’s Triangle.

With the participation of:

AURAL FRAGMENT (Giorgio A.Lazarou)


Mania Vlachogianni: Dramatic SopranoVoice, vocals/1st track – Meditteranean sea.Marianna Koukoutsakis: Lyric Soprano Voice, vocals/4 th track- The South Atlantic Ocean (Ocean)

Paris Karvouni: lyrics, 4th track – The South Atlantic Ocean (Ocean)

Programming, sound, mixing and mastering took place at  Leadvoice Studios.

Composition and production : Giorgio Lazarou (AURAL FRAGMENT)

The wonderful journey to electronic music continues …


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