Ωmega Vibes – All I Want (Sunny Day Mix)





Artist: Ωmega Vibes
Composer: Dimitris Panopoulos
Lyricist: Dimitris Panopoulos
Producer: Dimitris Panopoulos
Remixer: : Dimitris Panopoulos
Video Director: Martin McDarren

Dimitris Panopoulos and Eva Tselidou make up the duo of ΩMEGA VIBES. Their first Gold single was “The Heart And The Soul”, in 1995.

The release of their cd album “Renaissance”, the following year, established Omega Vibes in Greece and across Europe and Asia. The album sold over 30.000 copies. Their next release, “Diaspora” (1999), had been referred to as “boundless music”. The music is Progressive Electronic with Ethnic Colors inspired by Greek and Balkan tradition. Both cds have been released at 17 territories of Europe and Asia, with sales more than 100.000 copies. The third Album with the title “Atmosfera” (2003) has a stylish Electronic sound, which evolves from “Rock” to “East”, with contemporary Lounge- Ethnic colors.

In this album they have very special guests : Emma Shapplin, Goksel, Lavrentis Maheritsas. The forth Album with the title “Oti Fovithis” (2009) has a multicultural sound form with Electro World signatures. For the last 8 years ΩMEGA VIBES live and Produce Music in Los Angeles, meantime they released their fifth Album “Till The End” an Electronic, Ambient, and World mix of colors.
They have played live at Lycabbetus Hill in Athens with Bjork, and also have performed with David Bowie, Lou Reed, Ricardo Da Force (KLF) . They have also performed in numerous festivals across Europe and in two concerts with French artist Wes, as well as a series of concerts at clubs in Greece.


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