Release Date: 2014



  1. Kiss Me
  2. No Matter
  3. Summer Night In Corfu
  4. Sexymilian
  5. Funky Dance Life
  6. Feeling Sad
  7. The Dream
  8. Music Heroes
  9. Blue Maniak
  10. Graffiti Lovers
  11. Beautiful Day
  12. Mirror
  13. Nostalgia
  14. Paradice
  15. Jazzit Miles
  16. Galaxy Moon
  17. Underground Black Dancer
  18. Uni Guitar
  19. Magic Mamba
  20. My Life Be Like


Dimitris Tsertolias, 14/07/1989, Athens. e-mail: Education 2011: Graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Sibitanideios Professions Department thermohydraulic plant and restorers central heating. He worked for three years as an assistant plumber during my secondary education. In addition, I worked as a clerk in store materials related to building construction. He worked in private enterprise known clothes for one year. I worked as a DJ various bar – Finally, I worked as a clerk in the store offer Internet services (Internet Café). General -I Very good computer knowledge in many programs. – I fulfill my military duties in the body of the Special Forces Parachute. – In my spare time working on music production and design



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