Release Date: 30 Sep 2015

1 Planitis J Kay-160
2 Amarantos (Siempre Viva)
3 Erimes Skepsis
4 Ligo Piso, Ligo Bros
5 Erotas
6 1.500.000
7 O Trelos
8 O Aetos
9 O! Ti Kosmos



Beetroots is a two-man band, formed in the summer of 2011. The purpose of the band is to compose and perform their own music creations, as well as the adaptation and performance of well-known compositions, according to their own taste. They are experimenting with harmonica and ukulele and in their live concerts they use to meet with many and different musicians. Beetroots first solo album entitled ‘Planet J. Kay-160’ includes their first 9 compositions and has been released by independent label FM Records. The compositions are a mix of sounds and influences from Swing and  Rock, to artful and lyrical music.


Kostas Teftikoglou: Vocals-Guitar-Harmonica

Tassos Vogiatzis: Guitars-Ukulele-Vocals


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