The new album of Electronic Music composer AURAL FRAGMENT, entitled “Discography”, includes twenty (20) selected Tracks of the ten (10) Albums of the composer, that were released in digital format from 2008 to 2018. The album is dedicated to his ten years collaboration with the records label FM RECORDS.

For the album “Discography” the musicians collaborated as following:

Nayia Douka – Christine Kitsaki – Manja Vlachogianni
Marianna Koukoutsakis – Evdokia Moisidou – Stefi Adamopoulou.

Electric guitars:
Nikos Provanas – Dinos Kosmopoulos.
The visual arts of the album “Landscapes trilogy”, were created by Constantine Eleftheriadis.
The visual arts of the albums: “Return to space Part 1,2,3”, “Summer Song”, “Oceanic”, “Air” and “Discography”, were created by Secret Missions Art.
Programming, sounds, mixing and final sound processing, took place at LeadVoice Studios.

Composition – Production: Giorgio A.Lazarou “AURAL FRAGMENT”
Record label “FM RECORDS”.

Discography 2008 – 2018

1) Summer song (Summer song 2015)
Featuring:Naya Douka.
2) The creation of natural world (Rewind)
Featuring:Naya Douka.
3) Fragment of silence (Landscapes part III)
4) Direct in your soul (Lanscapes part III)
Featuring:Christine Kitsaki.
5) Toxic rain (Rewind)
Featuring:Naya Douka.
6) The solar systems (Landscapes Part I)
7) Industrial landscapes (Rewind)
Featuring:Naya Douka.
8) Air (Air)
9) Gibraltar (Oceanic)
10) Space travel (Return to space part I)
11) Aurora borealis (Landscdapes part I)
12) The devil’s triangle (Oceanic)
13) Crystal drops (Landscapes part II)
Featuring:Christine Kitsaki.
14) Message from Sirius (Return to space part II)
Featuring:Manja Vlachogianni.
15) Open your eyes (Lanscapers part II)
Featuring:Christine Kitsaki.
16) Rocket (Return to space part III)
17) Horizons (Landscapes part II)
Featuring:Evi Moisidou.
18) Supersonic waves (Landscapes part II)
19) The memories of landscapes (Landscapes part II)
Featuring:Stefie Adamopoulou.
20) Im free ? (Air)
Featuring:Marianna Koukoutsakis.

AURAL FRAGMENT (Giorgio A.Lazarou)

Naya Douka:Tracks (1) (2) (5) (7)
Christine Kitsaki:Tracks (4) (13) (15)
Manja Vlachogianni:Track (14)
Marianna Koukoutsakis:Track (20)
Evi Moisidou:Track (17)
Stefie Adamopoulou:Track (19)

Electric Guitars.
Nikos Probonas:Tracks (2) (5) (6) (7)
Ntinos Kosmopoulos:Tracks (3) (4)
Artworks : Constantine Eleutheriades – Secret missions arts.
Programming, sound, mixing and mastering took place at Leadvoice Studios.
Composition and production : Giorgio Lazarou (AURAL FRAGMENT)

Record company:FM RECORDS


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