altribeband 450-s

ALTRIBE – To Thavma

1) Zo Sto Rock ‘n’ Roll

2) Pare Dromo

3) Ime Alithia

4) Se Mia Sfera Magiki

5) Tou Erota Sou To Keli

6) Fevgo Olo Pio Makria

7) To Thavma

8) Ena Episodio Mes Stin Athina

9) Vasilias Se Mia Kaliva

10) Min To Skeftis

11) Ola Ine Stin Kardia

12) Se Mia Fantasia


ALTRIBE formed by Albert (Panagiotopoulos), a well known Greek drummer, teacher and composer, on January 2011. Their music moves in a modern Rock-Blues-Funk style, with deep roots in the classic rock age. The lyrics are in both Greek and English language.

The band is also consists by Fiona Lambridi, a powerful blues rock singer with extended classical studies, Nikos Papatriantafyllou, a multi talented musician with a classic guitar degree and a jazz rock playing experience and Stavros Konstantopoulos, an outstanding bass player, ex member of many successful groups. The band has performed in various top Greek venues.

The Altribe characteristics are their inspired lyrics, their blazy and diverse musical style and their strong on stage personality.


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